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All of our furniture is made in small Amish shops in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. The Amish or “Plain People” originated in Switzerland. They arrived in this country via Holland in the early 18th century and settled in Pennsylvania under William Penn where they were granted a haven from religious persecution. They have been able to preserve their German language and their way of life based on their conservative Christian religion which is centered in the Bible concept “Be ye not conformed to the world.”

Each of the woodworking shops is located on the family farm in the pristine rolling countryside. The craftsmen have developed techniques for manufacturing furniture and wood accessories without the use of electricity, which is not allowed in the Amish community. A limited number of power tools are driven by diesel engines and line-shafts, but much hand workmanship is involved in everything they do. All of their products are made from solid wood (mostly local hardwoods like Oak, Cherry and Hickory) with no veneers, particle board, or synthetic materials. Careful selection of the hardwood lumber for its end use allows steam bending to provide comfort fitting of rocker and chair backs or graceful curvatures on the arms.

Their workshops tend to specialize in certain types of furniture -- all of our rockers and single gliders are made in one shop, but the two and three seater gliders are made in a different shop. Another shop makes the major pieces like beds, dressers, chests, armoires; another specializes in tables of all sizes and styles; while still another does all small pieces such as quilt racks, children’s furniture, end tables and the like. Altogether there are more than 10 shops making all of the items we stock. Pieces can come natural or in a limited number of stains. All are coated with a clear commercial finish. Part of the Amish ethic engages the young people in these trades and/or farming so that these communities are deeply family oriented with a strong work-directed climate and high standards of performance and industry. This is reflected in the workmanship in every product we sell. New styles and types of furniture are constantly being developed so our showroom stock is continually changing. We can special order pieces not in stock at any given time, and even can have custom-designed pieces made on occasion.

Amish women produce a wide range of hand-stitched home furnishing items. We sell full size bed quilts, wall hangings, table toppers, place mats, pillows, and a number of attractive, unique small decorative items. Almost a lost art, these hand-stitched pieces are reminiscent of a by-gone age.

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